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Mad Moxxi by Okamixkeshin Mad Moxxi :iconokamixkeshin:Okamixkeshin 0 0 Blind Mag by Okamixkeshin
Mature content
Blind Mag :iconokamixkeshin:Okamixkeshin 1 0
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Thorin Oakenshield FanFic -Chapter One-
    The heat of fire rose in the air, the sound of iron and steel being molded into weapons was loudly upon the streets of the small city. There were many fine craftsmen, but most of them designed fabrics or molded pottery. Having known nothing of war, the small city did not feel the need for many blacksmiths, well, not that specialized in weapons. The breeze was warm and dry that hot summer day but the people who dwell there were no less chipper. The people walking around were wearing as little clothes as possible while still being descent in public. The men wore thin tunics, tied loosely, with short sleeves. The women wore light color dresses, laced enough to be proper, but not an inch more than that, not if they did not have to. Very few women were dressed in elegant dresses of the finest, lightest silks in the brightest of colors. They all had their long hair tied up and braided, cascading down over their shoulder or down their backs. These elegantly dressed women were th
:iconokamixkeshin:Okamixkeshin 3 4
Snow White x Hobbit Cross over part 2
"Mother, I'm going to leave this horrible, frozen wasteland and you are not going to be able to stop me forever! One day, I'm going to be strong enough to brave the ice outside and you will not be able to stop me from reaching the mountains of the south, to find Thór!" Velossfaeniel cried out angrily as she turned from her mother. She was older now, resembling a beautiful young adult. Her loveliness was unmatched, even her mother and sister looked dull and lifeless in her presence. Her hair was long, and braided back, tucked beneath her white, fur cloak.
"How dare you speak to me this way!" Valiedhiel screamed back, just as furious as her daughter. "I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. You will never leave this realm! if you so much as try, I will have you hunted down. You will either be killed or captured for return to me. You will not escape for the rest of your immortal life!" Valiedhiel said, trembling with anger as she gave her daughter an icy stare. "
:iconokamixkeshin:Okamixkeshin 2 0
Act 1
In the regions of the far north, live a royal family of elves that most creatures had long since forgotten. Further north than even the orc inhabit, lay a land which lay covered in ice and snow.  Most elves who once lived here migrated south, to enjoy the light of the sun, the warmth of the air, and the lush, green beauty of the trees and grasses that flourished closer to middle-earth.
The elves who remain in these frozen lands were kin to valiedhiel, who was the queen and rightful ruler of this barren wasteland they called home. She was too stubborn to give up her birth right of ruling these lands, despite how all of her kind had left her there to rule nothing but the land she claimed. She did not mind having only her kin, and a few others who still stood by her, despite the ever harsher environment that surrounded them. Each day, the air seemed to grow colder, the ground, more barren. Even the natural wildlife that once nearly overpopulated the land was scarce and malnourished.
:iconokamixkeshin:Okamixkeshin 1 0
Darker than Hell -Riddick FanFiction-
    The final moments of preparation were upon them. The last of the Elementals, a few hundred or so, have banded together and sent word to the Furian of their wish for an alliance. They knew they were worth almost nothing to the Furian, but he did agree to come see them to discuss some kind of a treaty. The ruler of the Elementals, Lord Andree, was in a frenzy, barking orders to the serving girls in his small castle. The castle was built of white stone, hard, dense, near impenetrable. The floors were of polished, blue tinted, marble that reflected all things in the room with complete clearness, like water. There were large windows, covered with white drapes, that let the bright sunlight in. Elementals rather enjoyed the light, using and absorbing energy from the sun made them all feel more comfortable. The walls were covered in elegant paintings, gold decorations and candles that would be lit once the sun had set. This was one of the only buildings leftover from the Necromon
:iconokamixkeshin:Okamixkeshin 7 0
Deliver us from Evil -5-
    Lucy hurried back to their table and set down to plain, brown mugs that she filled with coffee before setting the coffee pot down on their table with a smile. "Is that going to be it for you boys today?" She asked with a tender smile.
    Murphy found himself completely mesmerized by her. She was so lovely, like an angel straight out of heaven or a nymph you read about in mythology. Her beauty, to him at least, was completely unfathomable. Her cheeks perfectly rosy without any make up, her skin as pale and smooth as porcelain. Her emerald eyes seemed to light up everything around her, contrasting so beautifully with her raven hair.
    Connor smiled up at her and nodded. "Aye dear, this is all, right Murphy?" He said with a nervous laugh as he looked at his brother. Lucy and Conner both directed their attention to Murphy, who was still just staring at her like a deer in headlights. Conner frowned slightly and swiftly kicked his brother in the shin bene
:iconokamixkeshin:Okamixkeshin 3 0
Mature content
I'm going to die here-3- :iconokamixkeshin:Okamixkeshin 3 0
I'm going to die here-2-
    Weeks passed, and she kept her silent tongue. They lived in a prison. More importantly, they lived well. There were many people of all ages, genders and races here. Carol took the best care of her, treating her as a mother would treat her own child. She wasn't stupid, she knew she looked much younger than she actually was. She didn't mind being treated like a child, they asked her to do little and hardly ever asked about her past before arriving here.
    She sat on her torn up prison bunk and tied her hair back, to keep dirt and blood out of it, should she need to go outside today. Carol walked in and smiled down at her, leaning back against the wall. She always looked so warm, and inviting, not matter how anyone else felt. She loved that about Carol.
    "Do you feel like telling us your name yet?" Carol asked with a tender smile. She looked down at her hands nervously, instantly, she did not want to talk about anything. She knew she would have to so
:iconokamixkeshin:Okamixkeshin 2 0


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United States
Editing this biography again.

My engagement was called off. (big shocker there) He turned into an alcoholic.

Still volunteering.

I licked Norman Reedus up the face.

I have an awesome full time job.

End story. :)
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Hello all!

Life as I know it has been quite hectic! I officially got my first tattoo and it is fantastic (Even if it heals slowly and is painful…)

I also finished my Thorin fan fiction, which ended up being 157, 200 words. Which is, the length of a novel. I feel very accomplished.


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